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Debt Settlement from Skillful Negotiators

Since 2009, Federal Assett Solutions has acted as a negotiator for creditors who are owed money by debtors. We handle debt collection for you, and we will work to set up credit payment plans for those who cannot pay back the entire amount they owe at once. Additionally, we accept credit card payments from individuals who are able to take care of their past due amounts with a 50% off one time settlement.

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About Federal Assett Solutions

Avoid financial problems with debt settlement from our debt negotiators. The staff at Federal Assett Solutions has more than 40 years of experience, integrity, and a commitment to providing clients with honest services. We understand that people may experience financial difficulties for any number of reasons; however, everyone is required to settle all unpaid debts. We offer several settlement options that are designed to help debtors from Atlanta, Georgia, to areas nationwide. If settlement is not reached with a creditor, we will recommend that the creditor seek legal action.

Mission Statement

To maintain a successful and healthy work environment that promotes individual and company growth we plan to teach mangers to become leaders within the company and our core principals are built on the pillars on staying the course of the plan, managing by objectives, and assisting consumers to achieve financial freedom.


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