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Fast Recovery of Unpaid Debts

When you loan money or provide credit, you expect an individual to repay you accordingly. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to make their payments according to the terms they accepted. Call Federal Assett Solutions when you need assistance with debt collection. You receive help from professionals with 40 years of debt negotiation experience. In many cases, we may be able to set up credit payment plans that are beneficial for all parties. Services are provided for clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and nationwide.


Using a portfolio of accounts that are past due, we call individuals and negotiate payment arrangements. For your convenience, we accept payments via credit cards. If you are a debtor, you will have a better standing with credit reporting agencies once you clear your debts, so you be confident in your financial standing.

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We are proficient at mediating between our clients and the individuals who owe them money. While our goal is to secure payment for creditors, we also try to save debtors money by scheduling affordable payment arrangements. Often, a win-win situation is possible for all parties with the right type of negotiating.

Credit Reporting

Prevent the lasting effects of a bad credit score by paying your debts on time and, when possible, completely paying them off. Once debt is entirely paid, credit reporting agencies will remove it from your record, which helps increase your credit score. Any debt that you can completely eliminate will reflect positively on your credit report.